Love Cuts

by Pumpkinseed

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released February 14, 2017

Guitars/Vocals - Daniel
Bass - Zach
Drums - Luke

Engineered by - Zach
Meliphonic Records



all rights reserved


Pumpkinseed Cookeville, Tennessee

Soul Power.

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Track Name: Dakota's Room
Standing on a wooden chair the ceiling combs and curls my hair
Christmas lights become my eyes, i'll save it for another time
cause right now is the perfect place for feathers wrapped around your face
a beehive right between your ears, six point eyes and honey tears
a big ol picture of the moon, a velvet black and white raccoon
the guitars all have missing strings, you fill those frets with funny things
the skateboard and the crucifix, six hundred and sixty six
two hundred and twenty two, im sitting in dakota's room

and i was a ways away, a thousand miles
and i might as well have burnt the bible too

jesus guards the window while ya lay there on the floor and dream of psilocybin moonshine that you and i will pour into the deep forgiving wishing well that never asks for more. you said "we have done too many drugs to not answer the call of the lord"

and i was a ways away, a thousand miles
and i might as well have burnt the bible too
Track Name: Holidays
happy birthday i hope you are doing well and laying low just like you do
and i dont know how old you are and i could give a shit i dont think time means much to you
and if staring into caves and singing danger is your thing then baby girl me too
but how does some old earthling go and ask eternity to start something new

merry christmas i hope you're using all your light to melt the snow just like you do
inventing summer with your finger tips foregoing nonsense acid trips fully in tune

and happy new year and i know very little if anything at all of who i am to you
but this ones make or break so lets plan a little date or start a honey moon

but ive got no reason to think what ive been told:
"is anything up over this kingdom that we roam?"
Track Name: Signs of The Father
wait around
cant uphold the iron will
cannot stand the sitting still
my fault

came around
went through every still rebirth
overshot your willing worth
my fault

and where o god is that old sign that you will show to me?

made a sound
rippled through my telephonic
gold idol hermeneutics
i know

came around
whistled wind between my ears
golden signs of father fears
i know

and where o god is that old sign
that you could love and still decline
and where o god is that old sign
that you would show to me
Track Name: Sister Sunray, Blister Bluebird
nervous little bluebird please dont ever lose belief that one day a sunray will bloom for you a leaf
and nervous little bluebird you would die for her relief
let the lesson learned be what you have achieved
nervous little bluebird do you need to see a sign that every days a blessing and that life is lived outside
so hang the bastards that will cut eternity in time
let your anger down and shake it off the vine

sitting in circles
we eternal love rehearsal
sitting in circles in a line

and you already know just what it is you are
a sunray shining down on everyone

and i am your blister i sting harder than the rest
i am the third lung hung molten that sings out inside your chest
when hymnals kept in salty cellars ringing in my head
little dipper dear a comet to contest

and i am your hysterical and holy smoke machine
i am the first full moon wanting to disgrace your self esteem
when trinitary radios will radiantly gleam
little dipper dear ignore the self belief

sitting in circles
we universal time reversal
sitting in circles in a line

and oak palm petrified i tried to cut it off and blame the knife and cite dullness as an alibi its okay it low pay for an honest crime
oak eye still inside i might divide it as a warning sign
take off softer then a lullaby
its okay theres still ways for a soul to fly
Track Name: Mortal Man Garage
SPECTRE speaks of new techniques for waiting on a ride
his burning circle overhead has never been outside
SPECTRE peeks out from a window waiting for the nod
sleepy sleepy sleepy cars in a mortal man garage

woke up weird and woke up wired
can you help me change my tire
and i dont listen to the radio
cause its not gonna change my mind

hold him down you holy rollin smoking ghost machine
fill the tank with rattlesnakes and nervously notice
and can't you see my golden evening sunset orange purple paint job?

id move on calibrated and underrated and aging after angels without angling anticipation
i come off like a sugary cellophane and maybe youre not insane with several insizeable stitches

woke up weird and woke up wired
can you help me change my tire
and i dont listen to the radio
cause its not gonna change my mind

woke up weird and woke up wired
burning rings of grass on fire
its almost always on the radio
and its not gonna change my mind
Track Name: In My Head
in my head we come from fabled lands
we come home to the people dancing off to funny bands
in my head we fall but never land
we fumble inability with faith clenched in our hands

even if we knew how much this love would take to stand
its just a matter of how long we take to make a plan

in my head eleven thirty says
"im too close to tomorrow and too late to start again"
in my head were bold but never blessed
three lungs burning empty feeling further from the rest

come on now enjoy the subtle aching in your hands
pick me up some pornographic life stained sillowhettes

in my head septillion cigarettes
a hundred thousand million miles of tongue with nothing said
in my head i forget the rest
cause in my head you're perfect with your blood inside your flesh

we are just as crazy as the love cuts make us seem
black spooky hollow beauty happy halloween
your gorgeous eyeballs freak me out and seeing them would mean that they could work together with your head to form a scene that you would hate
Track Name: Raging Heart
call it a rage
call it a raging heart
call it a rage
call it a raging heart of love

when i offered you my hand
all you did was count off my commands
what did i misunderstand

call it a stage
call it a teenage fathers day
call it a phase
call it an object of

call me outside where the golden rods grow
calling off the wedding letting everybody know
calling all seasons even wind even rain
call out forever when never is to blame